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DemandHub enables customer interactions that drive business results. We improve how you communicate with your customers and capture valuable feedback. This enables your team to make better decisions that drive business results and improve your customer experience.

Why is this widget free?

This is a part of our Local Business Support Initiative, to aid businesses in adopting digital change because customers are looking for digital-first experiences, and reviews are how they decide. 

We're offering our review badge to help businesses increase online sales by giving you the tools to take advantage of your hard-earned reviews. 

Frequently Asked Questions

— What is a “Review Badge”? 

A Review Badge is a widget installed on your site to display all your average Google rating, as well as your 4-5 star Google, Direct, and Facebook reviews on your site in a stylish app to allow customers to read your reviews while browsing your site. You can see a preview of the app above. 

— How do I install it on my site? 

You will receive an email detailing the instructions on how to install the widget onto your site. Once Demandhub is connected to your Google Business Profile, a custom code will be emailed to you. Place the following code snippet in your index.html file. This snippet should be inserted before the </body> tag. Once installed, we’ll activate and you can reload your server to see the widget on the left-hand corner of your website. You’ll be able to display all your reviews stylishly right on your site. 

— Does it cost anything?

With this exclusive offer, your business gets the widget for free! If you’re interested in any other products such as webchat, reviews management, texting, and more, you can speak to a specialist to see how DemandHub can help you fulfill your business goals.

The review badge allows you to showcase your positive reviews to new web visitors. 74% of people who saw reviews on a business' website said they would contact them (BrightLocal) Users on your site are able to read the raving reviews you have received without having to leave your site, allowing you to convert them right away, reducing the chances that they’ll go to other competitors in the area.

— What information do I need to give for it to be accurate?  

The widget directly communicates with your Google Business Profile (GBP) to be able to display your reviews accurately. The set-up process to connect your GBP to the widget involves adding DemandHub’s Support as a “manager” (the lowest level visibility on GBP). Once we’re approved as a manager on your profile, we’ll activate your location within our DemandHub servers to generate a custom code to go on your site. This custom code will ensure the reviews are updated accurately every night to show your new 4-5 star reviews. 

— How often are the reviews updated? 

The reviews are updated nightly. If you gain a review in the afternoon, your new review will show up on the widget the following morning.

— Will it show my negative reviews? 

Although the badge will show your average rating as seen on local search, the review badge only displays your 4-star reviews or higher. If you’re struggling with negative reviews, the best way to mitigate them is to continue to gather more reviews. This will help boost your Google search ranking organically. To learn more about ways you can help your reviews, read about it here. 

— I don’t have many Google reviews, can I still use it? 

As long as you have a good Google rating and a few reviews, you can use the widget! The best way to make the most out of your widget is to continue to gather more reviews to scale your business. Read more here about how you can gather more reviews here.

— Can customers leave reviews through the widget? 

Customers can only leave reviews on your Google Business page. These new reviews will show up on the widget overnight. You can gather new reviews easily with DemandHub’s texting suite, by sending happy customers review request invites via SMS.

— Do I need to manually update the reviews? 

Nope! Just set it and forget it. 

The only information DemandHub will take from your Google Business Profile is your reviews and general business information to display on the widget. DemandHub will have no access to edit your personal information or reviews to ensure that your information is displayed accurately. 

— Will DemandHub use my Google Business Profile information? 

— Is the widget secure? 

The widget is highly secure through the DemandHub database. All the information is filtered through our API to allow our widget to display your reviews accurately. 

— How does it help get more customers? 

The widget will show your accurate Google rating as shown on local search and Google maps. 

— Will it show my actual Google rating?

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to message us through our WebChat widget on the right, or email us directly at: marketing@demandhub.co