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Gather leads from every channel in one place. 
One login, no leads lost.

Lead manager brings in leads from all your most profitable channels into one place so you can view all your incoming leads on one platform. Organize, assign, and personally respond so you can take care of leads in record-breaking time. 

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DemandHub enables customer interactions that drive business results. We improve how you communicate with your customers and capture valuable feedback. This enables your team to make better decisions that drive business results and improve your customer experience.

Leads are 9x more likely to convert when dealerships follow-up within 5 minutes.


Keep leads hot by assigning the next available sales rep automatically.

Say goodbye to complicated Excel spreadsheets, and hello to the future of lead generation. Assign leads to the next available salesperson with a round robin feature.  Add custom rules and timers to ensure no lead goes unanswered. 

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Automatically import your lead information with a single click.
No manual input needed.

Lead Manager can seamlessly integrate with your trusted tools by auto-filling your lead info such as name and number, directly to your CRM with the click of a button. 

No manual input. Time saved.

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Turbocharge Your Trusted Tools

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DemandHub's platform integrates with hundreds of trusted CRM platforms. Our platform is built to compliment your existing tools to ensure that every lead is engaged with and every experience is maximized.

Automatically assign leads to your team to make sure they're addressed instantly for smarter sales management, no matter the season. 

Get Proven Results

Our clients see positive, measurable results to both their lead numbers and conversion rates within the first months.

Blue Mountain Chrysler 


Increase in Website Traffic

In 5 Months

Customizable Lead Rules

Set custom round robin and timer rules so you can keep your team on their A-game. 

Know what your best-performing lead sources are with accurate analytics and lead information. 

Reply to leads with personalized responses in your brand’s tone, dealership location details, and more.


Personalized Replies

Beat the industry norm of 8h average reply time and respond to leads in 10 minutes. 

Custom Timers

Integrate the standard tools you already know and love – SMS, mobile and Email.


How Lead Manager Works

Tamiami Auto Group


Increase in Reviews

In 7 Months

Clarington Honda

4.0 to 4.4

Stars on Google My Business

In 1 Month

Leads Collected

Leads from 100+ car listing sites aggregate into one organized inbox.


Every Lead Assigned

Your sales staff automatically get leads assigned in a round-robin. 


Conversation Starts

Every customer receives a relevant response to keep engaged.


Appointment Booked

Appointments are booked in minutes, meaning you convert sales quicker.


The car buyer's journey has evolved and your first impression is online, not the showroom. DemandHub offers the right tools to capture customers before they get a chance to head to your competitors.

Digital Lead Management

Seamless integration right from your phone. 

Manage your conversations right from the mobile app. Stay connected with 100% convenience. 

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